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Krisann Nething​

The StrengthsFinder assessment was created to identify an individual’s rank order of 34
talent themes uncovered by Don Clifton’s extensive research (first as Selection Research,
Inc., then Gallup Consulting) into the most highly successful people in the world. With more
than two million comprehensive interviews of the best of the best, this is the most
exhaustive research into the dynamics of highly functioning people ever amassed. After
completing the online assessment, an individual receives the basic report listing his/her top
five talents, in order, resulting in an astounding 33 million potential combinations!
This work comes out of the relatively new field of positive psychology and concentrates on
what is right about people. It describes how the brain is hard-wired to be amazingly gifted in
certain areas. These talents – naturally recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings and
behaviors that can be productively applied – can be grown into strengths and utilized to
bring great value to the individual and the organization.
Using the StrengthsFinder work as a launching point, CoreClarity adds color, clarity and
depth to these talents making them:
• Memorable
• Understandable
• Applicable
• Actionable
In addition, the CoreClarity framework offers insights into how the combination of the top
five talents work together and help an individual find his/her niche. Finally, when used within
teams, the CoreClarity work allows groups to understand how they can capitalize on the
talents of each individual, allowing for less conflict and much greater collaboration and