Krisann Nething​

  • Every lesson was captivating and jam packed with TRUTH! 
  • It was a perfect blend of depth and revelation without being so overwhelming that it could not be digested.
  • Everyone should know the concepts LOL teaches; they are cleansing.
  • I think it was a concise yet deep course that solidified my foundation and led me into greater freedom, while equipping me to take others down their own path of personal growth, revelation, foundation and freedom.
  • Thank you for your prayers and passion to let God move in our lives.
  • I feel closer to God than I ever had.
  • I absolutely loved this class and it worked so well for me.  I got so much out of it and look forward to the process of peeling the onion.
  • I feel like the Lord ministered to me…I truly believe the Lord led me to my prayer partner and the teaching was anointed.
  • I appreciated your transparency, love and support.
  • I have experienced more healing.  The teaching is so anointed.
  • Thank you for your words of healing, encouragement and blessings over us and our lives. My life and mindset have changed completely and I thirst for more.
  • This has been a huge blessing for my husband and me and has given us truth and tools to get the freedom we have longed for.
  • The teaching stayed with me throughout the week—every week.
  • I had never realized in my 17 years of salvation that there were still layers so deep.
  • It was a very safe place and atmosphere for authenticity and growth.
  • The greatest revelation and impact has been realizing how “simple” it is to gain freedom and how amazing the work of the cross truly is!
  • In ministry situations, it has helped me to better get to the root of an issue someone is struggling with.  Likewise, it has helped me to have greater compassion and understanding of another person’s struggles.
  • It has impacted the way I approach daily struggles and issues that seem to be cyclical in my life.
  • It brought clarity to my ministry.  I was “stuck” in some areas. This helped me to practice and see new areas of freedom in my personal life.
  • So helpful! Very important info for all believers.  High priority teaching.
  • I got more freedom from some of my baggage that I thought was buried and dealt with but needed deeper healing.
  • Krisann has a definite anointing to teach and impart this ministry to others.
  • I was overwhelmingly surprised with the knowledge I received and the benefit of receiving healing myself.

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