Lifestyle of Liberty

Krisann Nething​

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“I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full].” (John 10:10, AMP)

Today Is the Day to Begin Walking in Your Victory!

Do you struggle with negative emotions or habits that leave you feeling insignificant, unworthy, unloved, or stuck in the pain of the past? In Walking Out Your Victory you will be equipped and empowered to overcome fear, anger, shame, addiction, and anything else that keeps you from becoming all God created you to be, and from living the abundant life He promises.  

God desires that we walk in extraordinary victory as individuals and His church. He invites us to carry a living message of triumph and hope to share with families, cities, nations, and the world. In Walking Out Your Victory you will: 

• Experience joy like never before as you realize what it means to be a favored child of God.

• Find your significance and value to God, His kingdom, and His people.

• Explore the limitless love of God and discover your own worthiness and ability to receive and share His love with all.

• Recognize the power of forgiveness to overcome past offenses and wrongs of others, and regain your innocence and trust.

• Break free from the chains of your negative emotions and habits to be part of God’s plan to set other captives free.

Through Walking Out Your Victory you will be encouraged and equipped to cooperate with God so you can indeed become all you were created to be.  In a refreshingly authentic and transparent style, Krisann Nething artfully shares profound biblical insights into all God has provided for your freedom and for living life victoriously. Choose today, through God’s principles and empowerment, to end the cycle of defeat and enter into your purpose and destiny.